Amendment To Share Purchase Agreement

This amending agreement on the share purchase agreement of 5 November 2015 (the “SPA” and the amending agreement, “the agreement”) is implemented from 25 February 2016 (“execution date”), i.e.: , 2009; and this amendment to SHARE PURCHASE AGREEMENT (this “amendment”) was adopted on 14 August 27, 2015, by Mr. Dan Oz (the “founder”) founder and shareholder of Improved Vision Systems (I.V.S.) Ltd., a company incorporated under the laws of the State of Israel (the “company,” which is respectively annexed to Schedule A (as defined below), and OphthaliX Inc., a company created in accordance with Delaware state laws subsidiary (“OphthaliX” or “buyer”). Each seller and buyer are sometimes called “party” and together “parties.” In the event of termination under clauses c per g) in the event of termination pursuant to clauses (c) by g) of this agreement, no further account of the acquired shares will be made with respect to purchases made under the program (whether it is a previous month or the period during which the termination event occurs) , and no closing for Acquired Shares will be followed by such termination. Section 2.4. Full agreement. The agreement, as amended by this amendment, constitutes the whole agreement between the parties regarding the purpose of this agreement and replaces all previous written and oral agreements between the parties with respect to the purpose of this agreement. This change (the “modification”) of the share purchase agreement (as defined below) occurs as of July 30, 2018 between Tetra Bio-Pharma Inc. (the “provider”), North Bud Farms Inc. (the purchaser) and GrowPros MMP Inc.

(“GrowPros,” as well as with the seller and buyer, the “parties”). CONSIDERING that the parties to the share purchase agreement intend to amend such an agreement to provide for termination in the event of Fisher`s death; and this first amendment to the September 30, 2020 “agreement” of fat Shark Holdings, LTD., a “Holdings” or “Company” company, Fat Shark Tech. LTD., an exempt caiman company (“Trading”) and Fat Shark Technology SEZC, a Cayman Island special economic zone (“Tech”) and with Holdings and Trading , the “company,” Greg French, the sole shareholder of Holdings (“Seller”), and Red Cat Holdings, Inc., a nevada company (“parent company”), and FS Acquisition, Corp., a Nevada company and wholly-subsidiary of the parent company (the “acquirer”) will be created on October 29, 2020. In light of the above recitals and the reciprocal agreements and agreements contained in this agreement, the company and the seller who wish to be legally related agree that, on that day, May 7, 2015, the following amendments were made to the Initial SHARE PURCHASE agreement of April 6, 2015 (the agreement) and by the parties designated as “sellers”. , referred to as “sellers” and “sellers”), and ID Global Solutions Corporation, a Delaware company (with one or more of its agents, “buyer”).

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