Elk Valley Property Tax Sharing Agreement

Prior to the initial tax-sharing agreement, the patent of the three municipalities was subject to the imposition of one or more of the mines held separately. Taxes on industrial mines under this regime varied considerably from one municipality to another, leaving some of the mines in a less competitive position than neighbouring mines. Tax-sharing agreements apply the same rate for each mine and the taxes collected are then distributed among local authorities. 2. When a municipality enters into an agreement with the authority or a subsidiary that sets out processes or conditions for the project within the municipality, the subsection (3) applies. All Properties under a Class 4 industrial assessment, such as coal mines, coal processing plants or coal-related infrastructure within the EKRD Area A, are subject to the agreement. If an identified property is outside the existing communal border in that area, a municipality will request an extension of the border in order to be able to tax these properties as part of the agreement. (a) to withdraw, cover or amend a sign contrary to the statutes of the specified municipality with respect to the signs relating to the costs of the owner or occupant of the land on which the shield is located, and the agreement was amended in 2009 to include additional real estate as a result of the applications for border extensions filed by the Districts of Sparwood and Elkford. The following table shows who levies property taxes and where they are distributed: “operator,” a person or entity that has entered into an agreement with the Authority or a subsidiary or contractor for the completion of activities defined in the agreement with respect to the operation, management, tolling, repair, maintenance or rehabilitation of the project; Since 1983, Elkford, Fernie and Sparwood have been participating in an Elk Valley Base Base Sharing Agreement.

In 1991, the tax levy on this agreement was “frozen” and each municipality had received, since 1991, essentially the same property tax revenues from mines, with the exception of Elkford, which received a slight increase in IDSA`s debt from 1995. Sparwood`s tax base had not increased since 1984 – increases between 1984 and 1991 were distributed to Elkford and Fernie.

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