Term Of Franchise Agreement For Krispy Kreme

Agreement or our refusal to enter into a franchise agreement, or the implementation of another measure that is not necessary in this case, or if, under an applicable and binding law or jurisdiction, a provision of this agreement, which you present to us as an incentive to conclude this agreement, is that all the statements you have made and all the evidence you have presented to us regarding your application and the purchase of the deductible are accurate and complete and that you have not provided false information. We have approved your application for a franchise for a KRISPY KREME STORE based on all your representations with us. Krispy Kreme`s doughnuts are hot, and not just because they come out of the oven. Best known for its original ice cream® donut, the Krispy Kreme franchise offers a variety of decadent flavors, The Chocolate Glazed, Cake Batter and New York Cheesecake, to name a few. IN accordance with subsection E of this section, you agree that after the expiry date of this contract or notification date comes into effect, you will have the telephone company and all telephone directory publishers regarding the termination or expiry of your right to use the phone, fax numbers or other numbers, as well as regular telephone directories, classified or other trademark-related, authorizes the transfer of such numbers and directory lists, or on our instruction, and/or orders the telephone company to transmit all brand-related telephone directories by providing us with these numbers and directory lists or on our instructions and/or by asking the telephone company to provide us with all telephone directories associated with a brand; and we have the right to purchase by written notification to you or your sellers owners within thirty (30) days from the date of delivery both an exact copy of this offer and all other information we request, to acquire these interests for the price and conditions of such an offer, provided that: Before the BOUTIQUE is commissioned, we will undergo training on the operation of a KRISPYE STORE. A training program for up to two STORE managers is set up in our training facility and/or in a ready-to-use KRISPY KREME STORE. The shop managers are required to complete the training to our satisfaction. Although we train these STORE managers at no additional cost or other fees, you are responsible for the remuneration of the manager (s) during the training and the cost of travel and life incurred by the manager or managers in connection with the training. You agree to replace a manager if we discover that he is not qualified for this function in the STORE. We provide the same training program to an additional BOUTIQUE manager per year that you hire after the opening of the BOUTIQUE, free of charge or other costs, subject to schedules for the training program that comes into effect from time to time. You are responsible for the remuneration of these managers during the training and the cost of travel and life incurred by managers in connection with the training. We may require pre-trained and experienced executives to participate regularly in refreshment training in the periods and places we appoint so as not to exceed such an upgrade course in each calendar year. We may ask you to help us train other KRISPY KREME STORE franchisees.

If you accept this assistance, we will reimburse you for your reasonable expenses for the provision of this assistance. (3) Do not grant you an estate deductible based on our finding that you or your owners have not complied with the essence of this agreement during its lifetime. If so, our communication: you must participate in our delivery purchase program, in which you can only purchase SUPPLIES for STORE from us or from suppliers that we have pre-approved or that you have proposed and that we have approved before purchasing deliveries from this source.

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