What Agreement Did Hrothgar`s Thames Violate

This version is consistent with all other versions of the legend of Hrothgar (Roas) and Halga (Helgo) by making them healfdenes sons (Haldan) and presenting Hrothgar as Hroulf`s uncle (Rolfo). She agrees with the saga of Beowulf and Hr.lfr Kraki by mentioning that they had a sister and facing her quarrel with Froda (Frodon) and Ingeld (Ingjaldus), although there is a role reversal by making silver Froda`s father instead of the other way around. He joins the other Scandinavian versions in dealing with Halga`s incestuous relationship with his own daughter, Yrsa. In addition, she joins all other versions, with the exception of the saga of Mr. Kraki, by presenting Hrothgar as the King of Denmark, although she corresponds to the saga of Mr. Kraki by marrying Hrothgar with an Anglo-Saxon woman. Another coincidence with Mr. Kraki`s saga is the information that their sister was married to a savil jarl and that they had to hide on an island that had to flee his uncle before he could kill him and avenge his father. A Danish guard saw them from the cliff when they disembarked with their shields and weapons. This Thane of Hrothgar approached them on horseback. With his javelin, he waved to them and said, “What warriors are you, is your great boat sailing on the sea trails? I am a member of the coastguard responsible for the protection of the Danish country. I`ve never seen a group of warriors try to land here more openly than you did.

Who is your brave leader, and what is his lineage? Beowulf recovered a little, and when he drew out his short sword, he cut the snake in half. That is how they defeated the enemy. Together, the two noble parents destroyed him, but it was the last hour of the king`s victory, his last worldly act. Beowulf replied: “Unferth, my friend, in your drunkenness, you have talked a lot about my affair with Breca. Now I will tell the truth about what happened. When we were boys, Breca and I boasted that one day we will test our strength at sea; and we did what we said in our youth. To defend ourselves against the whales, we swam with bare swords in our hands. None of us were able to get any advantage over the other, so we swam together for five nights, until the cold waves separated us.

The sea fish got angry, but my chain shirt shirt protected me. A wicked monster dragged me to the ground, but I was able to stab the creature with the tip of my sword and then send it with my hand. In Scandinavian sources, composed of Nordic legends, Icelandic poems and Danish chronicles, Hrothgar also appears as the Danish king of the scylding dynasty. He is the son of Healfdene and the older brother of Halga. [34] Moreover, he is still Hroulf`s uncle. Scandinavian sources also agree with Beowulf in making Hrothgar contemporary with Swedish King Eadgils. [35] These agreements with Beowulf are remarkable considering that these sources were born from the oral tradition 700 to 800 years after the events described and 300 to 400 years later than Beowulf and Widsith.

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