Agreement Between Depository And Issuer

12. pledging or pledging securities held in a deposit. – 1. Subject to the provisions and statutes which may be adopted on that behalf, a beneficial owner may, with the prior agreement of the depositary, issue a pledge or pledge of a security belonging to him, through a depositary. 17. Rights and obligations of depositaries, etc. – (1) Subject to the provisions of this Act, the rights and obligations of depositaries, participants and issuers whose securities are processed by a depositary are defined by the rules. (c) the transfer of registered ownership of shares from a person to a depositary or from a depositary to a beneficial owner shall not be subject to stamp duty; (g) the criteria for admitting securities to deposit referred to in Subsection 2 of Section 17. (k) the manner in which a pledge or pledge of securities held with a depositary is created; (d) the transfer of economic ownership of shares, which are shares of a company negotiated by a depositary, is not taxable in accordance with section 62 of Schedule I to this Act.

(m) the manner and frequency of the information of the board of directors, the issuer and other persons; (m) `service` means any service related to the accounting for the allocation of securities or the transfer of ownership of securities in the registration of a depositary. (e) the procedure applicable to transactions within the depositary; 2. Any director, general manager, partner, secretary, senior officer or employee of the depositary or issuer, or participant or beneficial owner, shall provide the person making the request or inspection with any information, record or other document relating to the subject matter of the investigation or consultation. 9. Securities on deposit in fungible form… (1) All securities held by a depositary must be dematerialized and must be in fungible form. (n) the dispute settlement procedure involving the depositary, issuer, company or beneficial owner; [ii] [1-A) Each depositary shall record, upon receipt of a participant`s classification, any transfer of security to an asset processing company within the meaning of Section 2 Subsection (b) of the Securitisation and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest Act, 2002, in conjunction with or following the transfer or disposal of financial assets of a bank or financial institution in accordance with Section 5, Subdivision 1 of this Act. (i) depositary as a registered owner in accordance with section 10, subsection 1, of the Deposits Act 1996; `(c) the holding of investments in the name of a depositary where such investments are made in the form of securities held by the company as beneficial owner.` (e) Exemption from stamp duty on any transfer of shares within a depositary. . .


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