What Is Purchase Blanket Agreement In Sap B1

Do you have an agreement with the supplier or your customer? Do not worry. SAP Business One has prepared a document called Blanket Agreement to register your agreement. Customers can use the distribution limit contracts created in SAP Business One in the Sana online store. Distribution cap agreements can only be used in Sana by B2B customers and sales representatives. Next, we`ll also talk about the price hierarchy and how SAP determines the price of a particular document. So, with so many pricing mechanisms available in SAP, you need to be clear about how a hierarchy determines the final price applied to that document. We still have attachments, but we also have the option to set up recurring transactions behind the framework agreement, so not only do you get confirmed units and prices, but there may also be a schedule that you want to apply if they need these goods and services. Like what. B, you can set up a sales order every week, every month, that I have here in a recurring template, in order to automatically create the sales order every week, every month, in order to remember this framework agreement as a reminder.

This information comes from the distribution cap agreement in SAP Business One. If all the agreements specified in the items of the sales ceiling contract are fully executed by the customer (all items are shipped), the sales ceiling contract is concluded and the customer cannot create another order on the basis of the sales ceiling contract. We have all the elements here, or I can apply elements, or I can apply elements by going down to the bottom right and adding elements, which I have already done. And then what we do here is again similar to special prices, we can then go through and then set up a period quantity reduction for that price list. I have an action mountain bike, and what I see here is that it`s a $510 that offered the five-point five percent discount, and then we have the period and volume discount price source that shows us there– It`s pretty simple. So it`s a good tool just to see how you`re following, and if you have a regular meeting or meet with your clients, you can see how they follow what was agreed at the beginning of the year or at the beginning of the framework agreement and adapt accordingly. All right, so hello everyone and welcome to this Leverage Technologies for SAP Business One webinar. I am James Rodda and today`s topic is the control of item prices and framework agreements. So these are discount groups.

Thus, the next level in the hierarchy are period and quantity discounts. So, again under inventory, we have price lists, and then we have this period and these quantity discounts. Well, it`s very similar to what we`ve set up in relation to the special prices for this trading partner, but it applies to the price list. So when I have this screen open, here I have the first option to select a price list, and I choose the detail, just spread it out a little. So I have all these features behind these items, I have black and blue and I have a city bike out there that I`m going to use. I have here a discount for five if he has a black property, and if it`s a city bike, he has a discount of seven. So, let`s break that. So I have a nature city bike, and if it has a color of black. And what we`re seeing here is that this five percent reduction is being implemented. Because what you see here on the right are the discount relationships, and so the system determines the price when it meets two criteria under the properties. As mentioned earlier, updates to a framework agreement plan are now possible even after the initial creation of a framework agreement, rather than having to create a new one. .

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