With Which Region Was A Historic Agreement Made At The White House

THE PRESIDENT: Well, they had a lot of bad thoughts, a lot of bad concepts, a lot of things that I never thought would work. They are the ones we relied on to do business, and they lost 35 years; they lost many, many years. And they are the ones who criticized us and see what is happening: now they suddenly say, “I think they made a mistake.” That`s what they all say about themselves. As more and more countries normalize their relations with Israel – which we believe will happen fairly quickly – the region will become more stable, secure and prosperous. I just returned from the area last week. I was in the Middle East where I took the first commercial flight to fly from Israel to the United Arab Emirates. This flight flew over Saudi airspace. It was the first time in 72 years that Saudi Arabia had resented its airspace to conduct commercial flights from Israel. Instead of effusively insulting America`s adversaries in the region, you recruited America`s allies. And you focused on common interests and common threats, but you also urged them to shoulder their share of the burden and fulfill their end of commitment. Nations have gathered behind it and, as a result, the foundations for great things in the coming years have now been laid. THE PRESIDENT: Well, it`s an honour to have worked with all of you.

You are truly talented people – amazing. And you were willing to be flexible. The word “flexible” is a very important word because we have not adhered to the old rules and standards; We have followed standards that can move things forward. But don`t just do them, do them in a much better way. In the meantime, we are withdrawing most of our soldiers. So we are doing the opposite. They did it with nothing but fighting and blood everywhere. The sand was laden with blood. And now you will see that much of this sand is laden with peace. “It formalizes this, but one should not exaggerate to resolve a fundamental conflict for Israel with its neighbors,” he added. The decades-old conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, he said, “is still not resolved with this agreement.” In remarks to reporters ahead of the ceremony, Trump said five countries could soon take similar steps — and suggested one of them was Saudi Arabia, which analysts said would bring a much more dramatic breakthrough.


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