Youth Allowance Tertiary Student Activity Agreement Form

Note: Recipients 22 years of age and older who are not full-time students are no longer eligible for AA. They can test their eligibility for the JSP, but may not be eligible if they remain full-time students. Approval of a short course cannot be given to full-time students who exceed the time allowed for satisfactory progress. Note: The time rules allowed for Austudy do not apply to YA. Students in austudy must exceed their authorized time instead of reaching it (see These are the dates you attend the course. For example, you are not allowed to start at the beginning of the course because you have received exceptions or recognition of prior knowledge (RPL). For more information about dates, see Start date and completion date. For the tertiary level, see 1.1.L.40. A youth is NOT considered a full-time student for EI purposes if they are: To remain eligible for EMPLOYMENT, a student must make satisfactory progress in their course.

Satisfactory progress is the completion of the course within the period defined in the Guidelines for Youth Allowances (Satisfactory Progress of Studies) 2014 and in this subject. Studies in previous courses will not be taken into account in the calculation of the satisfactory progression time allowed for the current course. For a non-student contribution course, a student is considered a full-time student, where: Example: Alice started a 3-year Bachelor of Education degree in the 1st semester of 2013. Assuming Alice`s units last one semester, she has 3 and a half years to complete the course and remain eligible as a student for YA. Provided she continues to take the activity test, Alice will see her progress time satisfactory at the end of 1. Semester 2016 and as a student for this course are no longer eligible for YA. If you are a person with a disability over the age of 25 who has a significant physical, psychiatric or mental disability and is therefore unable to conduct full-time studies or complete a course within the minimum time allowed for other students, you can assume at least 25% of the normal full-time study burden for the course and still receive Austudy. This includes part-time studies, where the workload is at least 25% or more of a comparable full-time study. This is if you have already studied in a tertiary course but have not completed the course. Payments managed by Centrelink for students are not paid indefinitely. A limit is set on how long you can still receive a payment at each level of study. This limit is based on the course you will currently take.

Other studies that you have already conducted at the same level can also be considered. Only the normal minimum duration of a completed course is taken into account, whether you have actually studied longer or not. .

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